Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway

Hey everyone! Megan here. Sorry I've been so absent lately. I hope to make it up to you by letting you know that there's an amazing giveaway hosted by my friend AV on Long Distance Loving.

Lilly Pulitzer has a fabulous new collection and I've made a little inspiration board showing you a few of my favorite pieces. I'm so into the coral hanging from the necklace below. And they have earrings and bracelets that match. And I'm loving the striped dress and these lovely bangles.

The whole thing is just enough color and fun to brighten up these dark, chilly evenings!

Which are your favorite pieces?
Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Yellow There!

So, it's taken me a while to get into Colour Lovers, but now that I have I can honestly say that I love it almost as much as I love the color yellow.  What an underrated color with occasionally negative connotations (yellow fever, yellow journalism, mellow yellow)!!  Here's my palette of yellow and violet.  Adding violet to the mix tones down the intensity of the yellow in the same way that black does without being so bee-like.
I recently got this scarf from Target and I love it.  It's very soft and warm, and it brightens up my darker winter clothes with an autumnal pop of color.  At the same time it's not too overtly feminine and I really like that. 
These are some great yellow flats from Urban Outfitters, but I actually got this pair at Gabriel Brothers for $6.99.  They are a great departure from my everyday black flats.  And finally, the coup de grace of my yellow collection:

I found this gem at Blue Ridge Hospice in Purcellville, and it appears to be handmade in the early '60s (I would guess).  It fits like a dream and it only cost $12!  After some minor repairs it is ready to hit the bar tonight.   Here's a close up on the bow detail:
What's your favorite color to wear in fall accessories?  Is there one hue that makes you feel like a million bucks?  Any great vintage finds?  Let us know!

Monday, October 17, 2011

What We Wore: A Meeting at the Estate

What We Wore: A Meeting at the Estate

What We Wore: A Meeting at the Estate by est1839 featuring a paisley dress

Today at work we drove into to the lovely village of Middleburg to meet with several clients on their estates.  It's a pretty classy place, and it was one of the rare occasions that I get to dress for work!  I actually wore a purple paisley dress and black shoes, but this pumpkiny palette was too much for me to resist.  Plus I actually did recently purchase a pair of bright orange pants.  More on those later!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Love Today // Indiana Jones Inspired

I found this outfit on pinterest & thought 'man, oh man! Indiana Jones is my favorite!'  I really like the idea of translating movie characters into outfit inspiration.  This wonderful tumblr has a great selection of not only Disney inspired outfits, but all around movie inspiration.  There is even an UP inspired wedding outfit.  I need to pin that to my wedding board!

I mean just look at that ring! It is so Indie like!

People will be yelling 'Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones!' at you while you rush through some underground maze on your way to an ancient (& totally uncalled for) ritual.  Don't forget to always grab your hat & have your bullwhip handy.  You never know what rare & ancient treasures you may find.

This outfit just screams Fall weather to me.  Pair this with a cardigan & you are Adventure Chic.  I totally know that Target has some really great satchels out right now.  I want to buy at least 10 of them but the shopping Gods know that I've been worshiping a bit too maybe I'll hold off.

Have you ever been outfit inspired by a movie? 
What looks have you taken from the big screen?

Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Time for Fall

It's been getting a bit chilly here in my part of town.  I've been busting out the sweaters & tights like it's nobody's business.  I've sworn not to miss cardigan opportunity & even need to invest in some sweater clips.  This type of weather is my fave! I love to be able to get all warm & snugly wherever I may be.  Here is some Fall snugly yumminess for your Friday afternoon:

I am going camping this weekend & I really wish I had a cute little sweater like the one with the hearts to keep me all snugly sitting by the fire.  It is a crochet pattern but I can totally see a DIY coming out of that to embellish that sweater you only wear on chilly fall mornings drinking coffee in your jammies.  (I have one, don't you?) If you don't have a coffee-in-your-jammies sweater, I suggest you head on down to your local thrift shop & pick one up.  Try the men's department.  Then hold on to it while I get back to you with a DIY.  You may even learn to crochet from it!

The orange bag is just the perfect pop of color for fall.  I love deep, rich colors like pumpkin & olive in the fall.  You can check out more fall fashion inspiration here.

So I hope you've pulled out the warm socks, cozy sweaters, & boots and enjoy because Winter will be here soon enough!

What are you doing for Fall?
Have you thought of a Halloween costume?

Happy Friday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Showing off the limbs: Tight Style.

I have seriously been slacking on my posting lately….I drove all the way to Nashville to the opening of a show I had I piece in and then I got my debit card number stolen.  Not that it’s an excuse.  I missed you and I’m back.  With some awesome accessories. 
These tights from the Suicidal Shop are seriously to die for.  I love the edgy prints on them, and they would be a perfect pairing for a solid mini dress or a geometric patterned shirt.  Now how does one use a credit card to pay in euros? 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Try Too Hard

Don't Try Too Hard

Don't Try Too Hard by est1839 featuring kelsi dagger boots

See how these autumnal basics can be worn with just about ANY Kelsi Dagger shoe? I just love her designs - they're feminine and modern with an edge. Plus, they're accessible at places like Marshalls and Ross, not to mention DSW and Zappos. 
How do you stay comfortable and stylish? We're always looking for new ideas, so bring them here (along with a figgy pudding and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, please!) and a happy new Wednesday!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fashion For Less :: Long & Short of it

There are 4 main things I collect (alongside 200 other things I also collect) - bags, shoes, art supplies, jewelry.  I am thinking about doing posts on collections here & over on Five Sixteenths so I thought I'd start off with the Long & Short of it.

My bag collections is pretty large & by large I mean super large.  In fact, these aren't even all of my bags just my favorites.  Constantly I buy purses.

Here are the P's I look for when shopping for bags:

Professional - is this for work? or is this for the weekend?
Pattern - Is it a solid color? Is the print too loud? Can I pull it off?
Pockets - Is it big enough for my laptop? Will things get lost in it?
Practical - Does it hang where I want it too? Can I successfully navigate through a crowd with out smacking people?

The Long of It
These bags are my go to bags.  I can sling them over my shoulder, wear them cross body, & grab them in a dash.  My everyday purse is one that I can get out of the way by slinging it around to the back.  I love cross body bags because they can get the heck out of the way when I am hunched over a table at the thrift store!  I can store a lot in the big ones & just shove things in it.  The smaller ones are for nights out or small weekend trips.  I like that I can just put all the essentials in & be done.  I choose a small bag for my everyday work bag that way I don't bring everything I own with me everyday.  The only down side to these bags is when you take them off the strap is so long you have no where to put it! It either hangs too long that it touches the floor when hung on the back of the chair or the strap gets caught in you rolling desk chair at work.

Where I got them -
Back row - Target (best $5 bucks I ever spent!) :: Thrifted :: Thrifted
Middle row - Thrifted :: DIY :: Thrifted
Front row - Wal-Mart :: Claire's

The Short of It
These bags are bags I really would like to turn into camera bags.  I want to take some foam, fabric, & velcro and whip up a great little insert to switch between bags.  These bags are also the ones I consider my 'most professional'.  Well at least the two on the left.  These bags add color & look a little bit more professional than having a bag slung across your body.  They all fit my laptop too so they are great to take to coffee shops or work.  These have enough pockets for all the little bitties but sometimes things get lost in the bottom.  I really hate having to dig & dig & DIG to find anything in my purse (sometimes it makes me impatient to see others do it to!).

Where I got them - Claire's :: Charlotte Russe (I think) :: Cato :: Thrifted

What are your favorite kinds of bags? Do you buy a certain color or style over another?

Friday, September 23, 2011

What I've Been Wearing // Welcome, Fall!

It's here!

I put What I Wore posts on my blog from time to time, but I thought I'd give you a little sample here. Fall is my favorite season for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones is the clothes. I love jeans, I love boots, and I love soft, warm tops. The majority of what you see in the above photos came from J.Crew. 

[Check here for outfit details.]

At the risk of sounding incredibly creepy and possibly inappropriate, let me ask: 
What are you wearing right now?

Rain and English Breakfast,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What We Wore - Rack 'em up!

The other day I went shopping by myself to clear my head.  You know how a good retail therapy session is.  I headed to Khol's, Target, & JC Penny.  I love these stores because they always have good clearance sections. I know JCP just got done with a huge clearance event before Labor Day but when I headed in I still found a load of good stuff.

For example, the outfit I wore yesterday:
dress :: Khol's ($18)
Shirt (under dress) :: Khol's ($10)
Cardigan :: JCP ($14)
Rings :: JCP ($29 originally $80) & gift ($40)
Watch :: Target ($12)
Outfit total :: $87

Now I really couldn't believe I bought that ring.  But it was super reminiscent of one I lost back in school so I felt I had to buy it.  I am also on the hunt for another one that was lost at the same time, that my mother gave me.  This one was given to me by my mother & it was given to her by her mother.  I was completely torn up for days (and still get waves of sadness) over it.

This is the ring that was a gift from the picture above. It was also from my mother.  We found it in a consignment shop in her home town over last Thanksgiving.  Both she & my grandfather have one like it.  I always loved hers & wanted one.  It wasn't until my grandfather passed away that I realized he had one & she always love it.  I am very excited to see that this is something we all share:

I believe it is onyx.  There is a diamond in the middle.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I have found super awesome deals on clothes by just shopping in the clearance rack.  I even think that since I have been on my own I've only bought one or two full price things.  I think I am setting a new little goal to only shop in the clearance section.  I mean when I hit a store I look for those red signs!  

I have also decided to see if I can get away with thrift store or handmade gifts for xmas.  I've already picked up my sisters gift fro a total of $4!  Two absolutely lovely satchels that were 2 bucks a pop!

You can also pop by Five Sixteenths & see that I wore a near similar outfit to work again the next day. 

What are you skimping & saving on?
Where do you draw the savings line?
Are second hand/clearance gifts ok?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

DIY: Cobble Time

Did you know that cobblers aren't reserved strictly for peaches or other stone fruits?  Although they are perfectly delicious, human cobblers (not delicious) are people who mend shoes.  With a deep dish biscuit crust.

Anyway, shoes are pretty freakin' important to me and all the other ladies with whom I blog, so I thought it was high time to fix up the sole train.  Here's a small, inexpensive fix for a pesky problem.

Many of my shoes, however beautiful, lack traction in the sole.  I once completely wiped out walking down a newly waxed hallway in the English department, and got some nice new bruises. Deal breaker? No. Dangerous? Yes.  Will you walk like you're on an ice rink, and therefore look less awesome? Double yes.

You will need: Scissors, glue (non-toxic and weatherproof, $6 at Michael's), and small adhesive disks.

The disks are usually used for furniture (think the legs of a chair or the feet of a coffee table). I found them at the Dollar Tree for $1.

Spread the glue in a thin layer over the sticky side of the disk, then adhere to the shoe. Try to place according to where you distribute your weight, like the balls of your feet.

I don't have amazing posture, so I put an extra support on the far right of my shoe, since I tend to wear out that part.  Keep shoes stationary and exposed to air, allowing the glue to dry.  When the glue is dry, it will become clear.

Enjoy your new-found stability by runway walking down a bowling alley, a Slip-'N-Slide, or a giant buttered piece of toast.  It costs less than $2 per pair of shoes, and now you can charge your friends to fix their shoes!  You're welcome ;)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What We Wore - Moe's Office Style

I love the office I work it! I get to be creative everyday, I have loads of fun people to be around, I get facials (big plus) & I get to put my degree to work.  Not to mention I get to dress cute.

I am the type of person that looks much better in skirts than in pants.  There has been an ongoing feud of dress pants in my closet.  This has been going on since probably the 2004.  I had one pair that fit me perfectly when I was in high school.  But my butt won't fit in them any more.

The problem is this: My hips are not wide enough for the size of my waist.  So when I shop, I get the effect of ridding pants, the balloon out at the sides.  And let me say it's like this:

And not like this:
Both of these images come from etsy surprisingly

So dress pants an I do not get along.  It is a rare occasion that I find a great pair that fit me in all the right ways.  Now I could get them tailored or do it myself but I think this gives me another excuse to wear/buy dresses & skirts.  Good enough for me.

So in the office you can most likely catch me wearing a dress or skirt.  Today I wore a dress, my graduation dress in fact.  Yay class of 2011!

Dress :: H&M
Cardigan :: TJ Maxx
Bag :: Spotted Moth
Shoes :: Thrifted
Bracelet :: DIY

I've been wearing these shoes nearly everyday right now.  I love the pop of color.  I based this Rad Red post on them last week!  The bag is also one of my favorites! I got it before the end of the school year last year & love it.  Spotted Moth is like the greatest shop ever.  As creepy as this is, Monica Burnett (the owner) was my total inspiration for crochet designs back when she owned Monica Burnett Hats.  I even emailed her once when I was looking to start up a handmade business.  She is my craft/retail icon!  So I totally suggest checking out the blog & the Spotted Moth Shop! They just opened a retail store too! How exciting, right?

Is there anything in your wardrobe that you are loving right now?
Are you wearing it everyday?

Dreamy Michael Kors // Fall 2011

I'm a fan of Michael Kors. I was doing some cleaning yesterday and started feeling sad about throwing away the Fall 2011 catalog. They make really good coffee table books. I compromised by tearing this page out and keeping it on my desk.

It's just so perfectly fall. I can't wait to wear my first sweater of the season.

Apple cider and scarves,

Monday, September 12, 2011

We Love Today: Mad Men!


Few shows made in recent memory are as visually stunning as Mad Men.  I have become completely addicted to it thanks to my boyfriend's roommate and musical co-conspirator Michael.  I love that the clothing portrays so accurately the attributes of each character and that each character seems painstakingly composed into every shot.  Also, it harkens back to a time when getting dressed was more like playing dress up, and I am whole-heartedly dedicated to having this sort of fun all the time.  

Thankfully, Banana Republic seized the opportunity to cash in on this craze.  They have recently released their Mad Men Collection, so you can purchase a piece of postwar style. 

If you’re like me, then you might be able to afford one or two pieces from this collection. Luckily, the 60’s actually happened, and you can find vintage clothes at a fraction of the price, at Goodwill or on eBay.  (Make sure you take your bust, waist, and hip measurements and use them to gauge whether or not a piece will fit.  Sizes have changed over the years, so a 1960's size 10 is miles away from a 2011 one. Inches, however, have remained the same.)  Add some winged black eyeliner and some red lipstick and you’ll look good enough to actually drive someone mad.

Ciao ciao, 

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Best for Less

Ahh, fall is on the horizon.  The air is getting a little more crisp, Starbucks has busted out the pumpkin spice flavoring, and the stores are all tempting me with their fresh fall items.  It’s hard resisting the desire I have to blow my last paycheck of August on trendy fall accessories, but thanks to my devoted research I won’t have to.  And neither will you!  In this post I have found some popular summer to fall transitional pieces and have found similar but much less expensive alternatives. 

This fancy floppy hat is $90.00 from Urban Outfitters, but Target’s take on it is a cool $16.99.

asos  ae

This awesome Aztec bag from ASOS was originally $64.03, but American Eagle offers a comparable option for only $29.50.

These badass leopard wedges by Steve Madden via NASTY GAL break the bank at $158.00, but Target once again flatteringly imitates them at a much more manageable price of $29.99.

I hope that this guide has helped fuel your own desire to find fall trends on the cheap!  What other autumn accessories have you been able to find at seriously low prices?

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rad Red

I went clearance shopping with one of my friends from my old job yesterday & came back empty handed.  It was a sad time.  But will we were clearance shopping we did a little window shopping as well.  We went into Express & New York & Co just to see what all the chic ladies were wearing this fall.  We saw a lot of fur & a lot of red.

This made me realize how much I really do love red.  Recently I've been thinking about starting to wear lipstick.  Megan has some pretty rad red lip color in her about photo, I know for sure, but I dunno how the other ladies here at est. 1839 feel about lip color.  I think they'd be on board.

At any rate, I have these awesome red shoes that I got for $2 or so while thrifting ages ago.  I love them! They are perfect for nearly any outfit & they really jazz up jeans.  If I feel like a chic casual day at work, I can throw on my dark jeans & these red shoes and no one knows I needed a break!

I wish I had more red in my closet.  Red is a color that is great to bring some life to wintery outfits.  Red scarves, red shoes, red nail polish.  Red is so classic!
Rad Red

Rad Red by fivesixteenthsblog featuring slim skirts

How do you feel about red?
Do you rock the red lipstick?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We Love Today: Cozy chic

I'm kind-of in love with comfortable clothing, and I see very few reasons why style and comfort can't coexist peacefully in the same outfit without a war with Guilder. (Like it? If you get it and comment, I'll send you a card in the mail <3)

I love this look from Chloe's fall 2011 line - it's full of interest, the muted color palette is so chic, and you can wear a blanket.  Kidding!  Many stores are offering these re-worked ponchos in large knits with striking patterns, so why not pick up the trend? The juxtaposition of shorts and an oversize sweater is comfortable to wear, and the perfect temperature.

However, I must confess that I am positively aching for those boots.

And these. By the way, these are vegan! Find them at  But I can't really afford these...or anything by Chloe, so...

Women's Journee Collection Velvety Thigh-high Boot

These are from Target, and a much, much happier price.

When you feel comfortable, your confidence will shine through! I'm all about effortless chic, and any over-the-knee boot with a heel is trying way, way too hard for your money.
What fashion choices are the best bang for your back?

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