Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Time for Fall

It's been getting a bit chilly here in my part of town.  I've been busting out the sweaters & tights like it's nobody's business.  I've sworn not to miss cardigan opportunity & even need to invest in some sweater clips.  This type of weather is my fave! I love to be able to get all warm & snugly wherever I may be.  Here is some Fall snugly yumminess for your Friday afternoon:

I am going camping this weekend & I really wish I had a cute little sweater like the one with the hearts to keep me all snugly sitting by the fire.  It is a crochet pattern but I can totally see a DIY coming out of that to embellish that sweater you only wear on chilly fall mornings drinking coffee in your jammies.  (I have one, don't you?) If you don't have a coffee-in-your-jammies sweater, I suggest you head on down to your local thrift shop & pick one up.  Try the men's department.  Then hold on to it while I get back to you with a DIY.  You may even learn to crochet from it!

The orange bag is just the perfect pop of color for fall.  I love deep, rich colors like pumpkin & olive in the fall.  You can check out more fall fashion inspiration here.

So I hope you've pulled out the warm socks, cozy sweaters, & boots and enjoy because Winter will be here soon enough!

What are you doing for Fall?
Have you thought of a Halloween costume?

Happy Friday!

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