Hi! I'm Megan. I'm the blogger behind Freckled Italian and co-founder of The Longwood Look, Longwood University's first fashion column. I wrote and was friends with Jenni throughout my time at Longwood, and met Amy shortly after my graduation. Moe and I have been blog friends for a while, though! It's such a small world and I am so happy to be working with these three ladies and writing about something that I just completely can't get enough of: clothes and fashion!

I don't know if "preppy hipster" is a real thing, but that's the best way I can attempt to describe my style. I live for sales at J.Crew, my favorite place to shop, and I just don't feel completely dressed without my sunglasses, a v-neck tee or a light scarf. I love dresses of any kind and I'm also a big fan of tattoos and skinny jeans.

I graduated from Longwood in May of 2010 with a B.A. in English. I'm currently working toward my master's degree in Children's Literature. I love to write and eat and run. I grew up and currently reside in Roanoke, Virginia but I will soon be moving to Charlottesville, Virginia for a year-long adventure with my boyfriend, Rob. After that, the possibilities for where I'll be living and what I'll be doing are endless.

I think fashion should be fun and comfortable and not break the bank. I'm constantly adding pieces to my wardrobe and now I get to write about it-- I hope you will come along for the ride!

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