I hold a BA in Music from Longwood University, as do my fellow fabulous colleagues; additionally, I co-wrote The Longwood Look with both Megan and Amy for two years. Writing a fashion column opened my eyes not only to the visual presentation of clothing, but the choices and opinions that shape and create it. An outfit is not a representation of affluence, rather than a physical representation of emotional and physical energy. There are trends I wish would stay forever (espadrilles), and trends I can't wait to end (tye-dyed evening dresses). My personal style is a sort-of urban romanticism, and I believe in contrasting shapes, textures, and two prints at once. 

I live in the 'burbs outside Washington, DC, and you can usually find me at any reasonably priced restaurant, bakery, or bar. I enjoy cooking, reading, singing and performing, watching television, cats, craft beer, and most of all, my friends. Oh, and shopping. Love that!

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