Est. 1839 is a little blog about fashion in VA run by four Longwood Alumae.
Branched from an original college blog called the Longwood Look, est. 1839 features fashion faves & faux pas over weekly posts.

We are lovers of all things vintage, chic, patterned, & unique.
You can often catch us making things, eating good food, spending our earnings sparingly, & all around enjoying our post grad lives.

Why is est. 1839 called est. 1839?
Longwood University was founded in 1839 as the Farmville Female Normal School.  Since we all met there, we thought it was appropriate to pay homage to our alma mater.
Our drive to blog about fashion came from the apathy we saw towards fashion on campus.
Longwood was the perfect backdrop to stimulate our fashion sense.

What inspired you all to create est. 1839?
Jenni, Amy, & Megan ran a blog focused on Longwood's campus called The Longwood Look.
Stemming from a desire to bring affordable fashion awareness to an apathetic campus community, we decided to create a blog about affordable fashion in our regions of Virginia.
We all come from a background of blogging & have been looking to do a collaborative blog for a while.
Thus, est. 1839 was born.

Where do you all shop?
We like to shop where are wallets stay plump!  You can find us buying interesting pieces from consignment & secondhand shops, buying wardrobe essentials from places like J.Crew, & buying affordable styles from affordable retail chains like TJMaxx, Claire's & Target.
We all have our own personal styles & have our own personal preferences & like to find unique places to shop.

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