Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Love Today // Indiana Jones Inspired

I found this outfit on pinterest & thought 'man, oh man! Indiana Jones is my favorite!'  I really like the idea of translating movie characters into outfit inspiration.  This wonderful tumblr has a great selection of not only Disney inspired outfits, but all around movie inspiration.  There is even an UP inspired wedding outfit.  I need to pin that to my wedding board!

I mean just look at that ring! It is so Indie like!

People will be yelling 'Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones!' at you while you rush through some underground maze on your way to an ancient (& totally uncalled for) ritual.  Don't forget to always grab your hat & have your bullwhip handy.  You never know what rare & ancient treasures you may find.

This outfit just screams Fall weather to me.  Pair this with a cardigan & you are Adventure Chic.  I totally know that Target has some really great satchels out right now.  I want to buy at least 10 of them but the shopping Gods know that I've been worshiping a bit too maybe I'll hold off.

Have you ever been outfit inspired by a movie? 
What looks have you taken from the big screen?

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